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We are extremely proud of our Original Scent Beard oil, we sent out a few samples to reviewers across the globe and here what people thought of our signature beard oil.

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Best Beard Oil UK 4th Place

best-beardOriginal Scent. 50ml £17.99

A great product from Manchester. The original scent has a traditional woody musky scent and produces a good sheen.

Mixes well with the more woody aftershaves.



Groom Your Beard Review

Groom Your Beard Verdict- Just WOW! Seriously we are so impressed with this oil and I will be honest I wasn’t expecting it to be so good! They only have one beard oil available at the moment but it hands down beats the majority of the oils we have had the pleasure of testing. The reason being it is unique, I have never smelt a blend like it before. A lot of companies do a great job making brilliant products but some are similar to other brands. In fact it is that unique it is unclear to pin point the actual scent but we will give it a good go! It has got to be the Cedar Wood and ylang ylang, but then again it could be the different variant of citrus blast in the petitgrain. If you walk into a barbershop you will know there is a unique aroma, probably a mix of all the products being used, there is a similarity right there! Whatever the scent is, it is one of the best blends we have come across, and take a look at our Product Review page, we have dealt with some great numbers. The scent isn’t over powering BUT lasting which for us is important…Click the link to read more


Highflying beards review

After using this oil for a week or so it was evident that good quality ingredients have been used to make it, it has a thickest consistency which I think helps tame those stray hairs.  My beard felt softer and looked healthier after just a short time using it.  This oil only comes in one fragrance for now but it’s a great one, you can smell the sandalwood in there and it leaves your beard smelling fresh and ready for the day…click link to read more


Beard Trimmer Bay Review

I honestly do think it smells pretty great and once you get that initial whiff – I could already tell that this was going to be a genuinely good product it has easily become one of my favourite scents for sure. And like I’ve said already, you just get that feeling – someone or a team has actually sat down and really thought about it. So *raise a glass* to Mat (the founder of Barbershop Beard).

The scent lasts a good few hours, I’m not going to say ALL DAY, though I’ve never come across an oil that hangs in there from the break of dawn ’til the early morn’, but this one does last longer than most. So a *thumbs up* there too…Click link to read more


The Beard Mag Review

I was using the oil once a day in the morning, straight after my morning shower. The bottle instructs you to apply onto a damp beard so this was the ideal time for application. A couple of drops go a long way! Feeling the oil warming up on my hands – it felt silky and luxurious, after it was on my beard, there was a long lasting scent and glossy shine several hours later….click link to read more


Rated Top 5 best Selling Beard Oil by The Beard shed

This is the scent of an old school barbers captured and poured into a bottle. If you are looking for a beard oil that can keep your beard well hydrated and free of itch then this is a great choice. An interesting combination of Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang and Sweet Almond make this a popular choice amongst those seeking a manly yet fresh scent…Click link to read more


Rated in top 5 Beard Oils by The British Master Barbers

“Blended in Manchester using all natural produce and the finest essential oils. The rich blend of sandalwood, Ylang Ylang and Petitgrain give off a woodsy yet musky aroma while still smelling fresh and hygienic like an old school barber shop. The base oils have been carefully selected to reduce irritation and inflammation making them perfect for your beard…Click link to read more


Customer reviews


@johnbrayford (Of Sheffield United)

“Thanks to @barbershopbeard for the oil, it’s keeping my beard in fine nick!”


@fredsiriex (From Channels 4’s 1st Dates) tweeted

“Just ordered some of @barbershopbeard’s excellent beard oil as a valentines present for me”

“Happy new year to @barbershopbeard Love your beard oil!!”


@philjnewton tweeted

“@barbershopbeard you’ve outdone yourselves with the new beard balm, what a fantastic product!”


@yah_mon posted on instagram

“Good day Mat. I wanted to write and inform you I just received my oils in the mail…I have to say these are the best oils I have come across so far they both smell absolutely divine!…I love them and am very happy with this purchase. I tried the lovesick blend today and it is just luxurious”


‘Your oil is one of my favourites, it lasts ages too, even with daily use’